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Welcome to LoCOP DB, a database of locally co-expressed gene pairs (COPs).

LoCOP DB contains gene pairs within 1Mb of each other found to be significantly co-expressed (see about for the method used) in 49 GTEx human tissues.

Gene co-expression is known to occur locally, by genes that are neighbours or in a nearby locus, but the prevalence and relevance of this phenomenon across tissues is yet to be demonstrated. By leveraging gene expression measurements across hundreds of individuals (from GTEx RNA-seq data, see below), local co-expressed gene pairs (COPs) across human tissues were identified for the first time, amounting to >200.000 COPs (between 13% to 53% genes per tissue).

Moreover, genetic variants associated with the expression of both genes (i.e. expression Quantitative Trait Loci, eQTLs) were mapped for >50% COPs, denoting extensive genetic co-regulation. The extensive search for local gene co-expression opens the way to comprehend links between phenotypes (e.g. trait pleiotropy, disease comorbidity) and aid functional interpretation of QTL and GWAS findings

The approach to detect COPs and results obtained from their analysis is described in:

Ribeiro DM, Rubinacci S, Ramisch A, Hofmeister RJ, Dermitzakis ET, Delaneau O. The molecular basis, genetic control and pleiotropic effects of local gene co-expression. Nature Communications (2021)




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