• Search a gene by Ensembl Gene ID (ENSG) or gene name to access all its locally co-expressed genes across tissues.
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  • Browse COPs: all co-expressed gene pairs can be browsed and filtered by gene Ensembl ID or gene name, tissue or any combinations of columns (case-insensitive search). Explore a gene entry by clicking on the gene name. Only positively correlated COPs composed of non-paralog genes are shown, a dataset containing negatively correlated and paralog COPs can be found in downloads
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  • Gene entry: sets of co-expressed gene pairs and associated eQTLs can be expanded and filtered. Gene coordinates refer to the human assembly GRCh38. 
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  • Downloads: the lists of COPs per tissue, as well as associated eQTLs, can be downloaded as TSV and BED files.
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